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Body Contouring - Mesolipo

Body Contouring

Weight gain, dieting, the trials and tribulations of exercising, it can be difficult getting our bodies looking as good as we'd like. Often diet and exercise leave stubborn love-handles, or fat along the thighs, our belly, and hips. Science has begun developing new and exciting ways to improve the body contour and give our body the shape we desire. Some of the most exciting technologies are non-invasive fat removal methods.

Treatment Offered


is a body reshaping procedure that reduces and reshapes specific undesired pockets of fat in your body, especially in your hips, thighs, stomach, bottom, back, waist, under breasts, underarms and above knees. It promises to 'melt' away unwanted fat and flush it out of your body system.

A cocktail of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and supplements is administered in a specific area of your body, which blocks the cells at that area from storing fats while stimulating it to burn up. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids tighten the skin, while the lipolytic agent helps break down the existing fat cells. The liquefied fat will then be flushed out naturally from your body through the lymphatic system which will result in a gradual loss of inches, tightening of skin and smoothing cellulite.

Mesolipo is done using the smallest, finest needle to give the injection into the targeted area therefore, there is very minimal discomfort. As the needle is very delicate there is no major side effects.

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